Pilates is so much more than just exercises and choreography

The Pilates method is an exercise/ movement technique that integrates the use of mind and body to create overall benefits. Anyone can call themselves a Pilates teacher, but being a great Pilates teacher requires a combination of many things including specific training, qualifications, knowledge and experience, along with a genuine passion for what they do.

Being a member of a related professional association also gives you reassurance that an Instructor is a suitably qualified, insured and committed professional, and that you’re therefore in safe hands.

Being a REP’s (Register of Exercise Professionals) member for example means that an Instructor:

What my clients say

I love coming to the class and my big benefit (along with all the small ones) is how supple I feel. I can now get out of the car or up from a seat and do not feel like I have to wait a few minutes to get going!
Christine, March 2016.

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