Pilates for everybody, and every body

Yesterday whilst taking a few moments to reflect on the past week, it occurred to me just how diverse my clients are.

Just within one single week I’ve worked with complete Pilates novices, post-operative and clients recovering from injury, health professional referred clients with a range of different health conditions and concerns, schools, gym members, athletes and dancers to those who haven’t exercised for a number of years but have become determined to start moving their body but previously weren’t sure where or how to start. My clients were both male and female from 15 years of age to over 80, and each with their own very specialised needs, requirements, goals and intentions. Yet each having their needs met by one exercise system, which I modified and adapted accordingly.

Why do I love and advocate Pilates so highly? Because quite simply it has something to offer for everybody and every body!

What my clients say

I love coming to the class and my big benefit (along with all the small ones) is how supple I feel. I can now get out of the car or up from a seat and do not feel like I have to wait a few minutes to get going!
Christine, March 2016.

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